One Click Driver Safety

Our automated safety messaging system can address a whole range of management procedures.

  • Licence Checking
  • Medical Declarations
  • Vehicle Checks
  • Accident Logs
  • Grey Fleet
  • Safety Videos
  • Risk Assessments
  • Safety Handbooks
  • Policy Documentation

It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s very cost effective.

So how does it work?

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions you might find of help.

One Click Driver Safety FAQ

What is it and how does it work?

Our “Safety Messaging System”. sends Safety Messages to your employees and drivers instructing them to complete a series of safety checks and procedures designed to help you and them manage “Themselves , “Their Vehicle” and “Their Journey”.

So what are these messages?

The messages are “tasks and instructions based on recommendations by HM Government. “Health and Safety Executive” and are designed to help the safe management of themselves and their vehicles.

Their actions, answers and results are recorded, calibrated and used to prepare a series of Risk Management reports, to help you manage your duty of care responsibilities.

How complicated is it?

It’s not, all that is required is a driver’s email address and we do the rest.

Do I have to download anything?

No everything is online.

What about my drivers, what do they have to do?

They just follow the instructions, it is very easy, everything is self explanatory.

Do I have to create any documents or input forms?

No its all done, and ready to go, documents, risk assessments, declarations, safety videos everything you need and more. Plus we can always add more for you.

What areas do you cover?

The safety management of “The Driver” “The Vehicle” and “The Journey”.

Can I see the forms and procedures?


What if I don't like something? Can I change any of the forms and procedures?

Yes, it is totally flexible.

Does it create a safety audit trail?


What happens if I stop using it?

You simply tell us and everything is deleted.

Are my details secure?

Yes, we are regulated under the data protection act.

Can I back up my data?


Can I see a sample of the “Messages”

Yes click here and we will send you a link.

How much does it cost?

Each message delivered and completed is 99p. We recommend every driver is sent 25 to 30 messages a year, please call us on 0207 183 1637 for more information.

Can I see how it works?

Yes you are more than welcome to try it, please click here.

How can I contact you?

please us on 0207 183 1637 or email us.